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SDAV offers workshops and demonstations to engage the next generation of scientists and advance the public understanding and appreciation of science. Geospatial technology is quickly advancing and is advantageous for the furture of conservation biology. By engaging the youth, students, professionals in the conservation field, and community, we can use these tools to effectively and efficiently make better management decisions.

sUAS Demonstration for the UHH Field Methods and Techniques Class

Students in the UH Hilo Field Methods class learn methods that are used to collect, graphically represent, and interpret geographical field data. This course provides hands-on education using a variety of technology such as GPS units, total stations and sUAS to collect data and a associated software to interpret information collected such as ArcGIS, Pix4D, LAStools, CloudCompare, and ENVI.

Summer sUAS Workshop for Remote Sensing and Resource Management

This three day workshop covers the essential knowledge an organization needs to know to safely and legally integrate sUAS operations into their daily work objectives. This introductory workshop consists of a series of live demonstrations, hands-on sUAS simulations, the right fixed wing or copter platform, writing and applying for a FAA Certification of Authorization application (COA), videography vs mapping, creating high resolution orthorectified imagery, using Structure from Motion technology to create 3D digital models, and change detection applications. For more information email:
Education and Community Outreach


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